The remodel: day 9

Honestly dear people, I don’t know how they do it. The people we see on TV, that live in a caravan for months because they are remodeling their home. Or even those that basically confine themselves to one floor or their home, and coincidentally, that is us right now.

Current situation:

Plumbing and electrical are done. Builder is done. You can see on the right-hand wall that the first plasterer has started. He has also put that yellow layer on the walls and ceiling. He tore down some extra pieces of wall so we expect the builder to come back but nothing has been planned so far.

This was where we left last post.

We appear to be ahead of schedule even though they are not working every day, come late and leave early? Are we lucky or is this going to bite us in the a*s?
We are on Day 9 of the remodel. However, counting the days they have actually been here and done work, we are on Day 6. With a planned amount of days at 13 (ehm), it looks to be only 7 actual days of work in that period.

Grey was scheduled, green is actual presence

There will be two plasterers on Monday (week 40) to finish everything, then that needs to dry. However, Friday (week 39) the kitchen will be delivered and Monday of week 41 it will be installed. We are disappointed that if the plasterer needed less time than planned, why not come in the beginning of the scheduled dates? If the ceiling had been done, the kitchen could have been placed in the space while the walls dried. Now, we have no idea what to do with the kitchen after it arrives. We have contacted the supplier but unfortunately the delivery cannot be rescheduled.

We haven’t had a kitchen or living room since Sunday of week 37. We haven’t had hot water since Monday of week 39. We haven’t killed each other yet, and neither have the cats. Fingers crossed for a happy ending…



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