The remodel: day 1

Wow, it’s been a while! Today I am sharing some adulting challenges with you.

November 2018 we bought a home. We moved in February. The apartment we sold, was worth more than we paid for it. We chose to have this money paid out. In compliance with local rules we chose to remodel our kitchen to add value to our new property.

We decided to hire a contractor to save ourselves a lot of headaches and stress.

Today Demolition Day finally arrived! Cats were confined to the bedroom (safe to say they were not amused) as soon as the builders came.

Here’s the before picture:

Day 1.

We moved our microwave oven to another room so we don’t have to order in each night. I think that it will be a fun challenge to create a relatively healthy meal plan for the next few weeks.

Day 2.

Day 5.

Next step is plastering. After that has dried, the kitchen will finally arrive!

Do you think this will ever be finished? Or are we candidates for some TV show?



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