September favorite: rose water

For years, pretty much 2 decades in fact, I struggled to find a face cleanser. I have greasy skin (proven by acne even at 35) so oily products were a no-go. Many other products caused a red burning rash around my eyes. I tried and tried and at a certain point, just got fed up with it and cleaned my face with cold water and some soap. My slogan could be considered as “Today’s mascara = tomorrow’s eyeliner” at times.
Then face cleansing wipes came out and they were great because I could keep them on my nightstand and never forget to clean my face. However, formula’s were constantly being changed, prices fluctuated and I did not like the impact on the environment I was making with these wipes.

Then I walked into the drugstore around the corner from the office and they had a sale on house brand products. This included rose water. I remembered that my friend Caroline from Lacquester swore by it so I decided to try it. I have been sooooo impressed by this stuff.

It’s packaged in a brown glass bottle. It gives me this whole vintage apothecary vibe and I love it. I also love that it is glass and not plastic! I will most likely use it for deco once it runs out.

I have had this bottle for and used it daily. It is still almost full! It removes my makeup without leaving an oily filter, without leaving my skin dry, without causing any rashes. I don’t use waterproof mascara so I can’t say it that might cause an issue. However, even on those rare days when I use foundation, mascara, blush, bronzer and highlighter, it gets the job done.


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