App tip: PlantSnap

Hey guys,

I’m here with another app tip for you.

We now have a backyard and I found it daunting to decide what should go to make room for my vegetables and fruits. I didn’t know what each plant was. I downloaded PlantSnap and quickly learned one of the larger shrubs we had was toxic to our pets! Another plant that was in the sunny part turned out to be shade-loving. I’m looking forward to keeping my plants and pets as safe and happy as can be!

The app: PlantSnap (iOS and Android)



A plant expert at your fingertips

Identify plants, flowers, cacti, succulents and mushrooms in seconds with the click of a button on your mobile device.

Why I downloaded it:
To find out which plants I should keep in my garden and which to get rid off.

Why you should download it:
So you will never have to wonder what kind of flowers are in that bouquet you received from a mystery admirer. Or, to impress those around you with your knowledge of all things green and leafy.


The free version will let you “snap” five plants per day. The paid version has unlimited snaps.

Free (5 daily snaps)
Monthly: 0,50 first month, 3,49 after
Annually: 15,99

It saves a collection of your snaps. That way, you don’t have to re-snap a plant after your forgotten what it was.

It gives you alternatives to its first suggestion. Sometimes I definitely think one of the alternatives is the one. If unsure, I just cancel and snap again.

All in all, I am using this app quite regularly. Do any of you use any apps for your garden or plants? Please let me know!



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