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Warning: this is going to be long.

Like many girls, I was skinny up until mid-puberty, when my thighs ballooned but my boobs did not. I was still tiny, but my bottoms were a size or even two up from my tops and well, we know how big a deal boobs are in puberty.
These were the nineties so crop tops everywhere and I remember being fascinated by belly button piercings.
We were relatively conservative so piercings and tattoos were never an option. On top of that, I felt that you had to have a perfectly flat belly to get it pierced. After all, body positivity and Kardashian butts were not a thing back then so the only belly buttons we saw, belonged to ahtletic ladies like Shakira, the Spice Girls and of course Britney Spears. 

Fast forward 20 years (YIKES) and a few (ear) piercings. I had gained weight on top of that puberty-thing. My pear was getting juicier, let’s just say. Despite that, I had had two boyfriends tell me they thought a belly ring would look cute on me and it had stuck with me. I checked online for belly button piercings on big girls. Turns out, there are lots of bigger girls out there with belly piercings! A very helpful article I found was on Bustle.

It’s not all fun and games though, for example healing this piercing is quite a bit harder for big girls and this is definitely something to keep in mind. Also, if your belly button folds when you sit, it will most likely sweat and that’s not a good idea for healing a piercing.

I felt like maybe this could be for me after all?

The next step was go to a good piercer for advice. I went to “my” piercer first, who said it would be fine. Then I went to a piercer in the city I was going to move to. I was honest in telling her I wanted advice and she was sweet and assured me my belly button and belly were “cute” and fit for a piercing! Eep! She told me to keep the seasons in mind when piercing. It was March and she advised about healing times and healing issues with wearing certain types of clothing.

I went back to my piercer and had it done, the last before I moved cities and changed piercers. I trust her, I adore her. She has pierced my second lobies, tragus, helix, rook. So, as I looked in the mirror and noticed the piercing was not straight, I asked her about it. She assured me it would not look like that after healing and gently moved the barbell to the position it would be.

Right after I had the piercing, I went to drinks with coworkers. I proudly showed one of them my piercing and giggled, as I asked myself if I was really showing my belly to an attractive male coworker willingly? More coworkers arrived and here I was, finding moments in the conversations where I could go “well actually, I just had *this* done” and lift my top for everyone to see my sparkly new belly button piercing. And note that I was not drinking, as alcohol and fresh wounds/piercings do not go well together.

Please excuse my wintery paleness.

I came home and looked at my belly in the mirror. I took pictures of it. I lay down on the bed and took pictures. I sent pictures to friends, but did not tell my mum and sisters right away. I realized I was, for the first time in my adult life, looking at my belly and loving it.

I learned to dress for my piercing. Instead of doing the nineties-thing and pairing low waist jeans with a crop top, I combine high waist trousers and skirts with tops that leave maybe two fingers width “exposed”. This means I do not feel like all my chub is on display, but as I move around, a sparkle will definitely catch the eyes of this and that person!

And please don’t think I am telling anyone how they should dress. This is how I feel most comfortable in my own skin, even sexy. Other days, I just want to pig out, wear something with an elastic band waist and think “if my chub offends you, feel free to look the other way”.

So, if you are a big girl and/or not 19 anymore but you still dream of that belly button piercing, just do it! You are doing it for you, not for anyone else. And who else can fulfill your dreams? Only you <3

If you are still unsure and want to do some reading first, I can recommend the following informative article:

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