Week in pictures

Hi all,

Hope you had a great week. Can you believe it’s March already?!

Here’s another week in pictures.

I gifted myself a Skillshare membership and have been taking classes every night. Monday it was phone photography.0303-2019-012708728035391607694-015480039568890739095.jpeg

Juno has a true love: the washing machine as seen on Tuesday.img-20190217-wa00093541499000622893602.jpg

Wednesday was a bad day at work. At night, we had a restaurant deliver sushi that we didn’t order. Surprise: my sister ordered it online from her hospital bed, two hours away from us! The internet <30303-2019-0148676276969810353508514012508284154367.jpeg

Thursday I was excited to see the veggies are doing fantastic!0303-2019-0121494279097990400054770393313384427116.jpeg

Friday I went shopping in Germany with my mother. I found this cat planter which I thought was so cool but I need to keep the crazy in check haha.0303-2019-0128667277969712806481217603660514787600.jpeg

Saturday was a relaxing day and I took advantage of the luxurious bath tub at my mother’s house.0303-2019-0128578276168828551547036520559570068688.jpeg

Sunday I went to the carnaval parade with my sister and her kids. After that, I drove back home.

That was my week in pictures. As always, if you want to see more, check out my Instagram.



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25 February 2019