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Hi there!

In order to get used to a more regular posting schedule and introduce myself to you out there, I thought it would be fun to include the popular “My week in pictures”-category. Let me know what you think 🙂

On Sunday my mother and sister came over to see the new house. It’s a two-hour drive for them but they had to come bring me some of my stuff and most importantly, birthday cake!! Yum. A Sacher Torte is tradition in our family.

I was off work this week because we were moving houses. Ezio is loving the view into the garden.

On Tuesday we allowed Ezio outside without his leash. He is nervous so comes back in after about a minute. Juno is super scared and does not want to go outside, but wants to look what her big brother is doing. We ordered Mario for Nintendo Switch and took full advantage of our time off work by gaming and drinking beer until midnight on Wednesday night! Hey, we’re old, okay?

Juno is especially nervous. She has a few spots she will go to when she gets anxious. This was Thursday, so less than a week after moving.

The new house meant the return of a working oven! My first project was a prime example of expectation versus reality.  I will need a lot of practice before I can boast about my baking skills again. Hard life.

On Saturday we went to the garden center for some seeds and plants. I came across this momma Tillandsia Ionantha and pups and knew they were coming home with me <3 The garden center actually got them from the webshop where I ordered my other air plants in December, I thought that was cool!

That was my week in pictures. If you enjoyed this, make sure to follow me on Instagram, where I post on a daily basis <3



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