Catify: IKEA kitten bed

After reading Jackson Galaxy’s books about catify-ing your house, I was mind-blown. The books describe the difference in attitude regarding the visibility of cat stuff VS dog stuff in homes. Also, they give you a lot of insight to different characters of cats and their needs. For example, Juno is a tree dweller that likes to cave at times. Ezio is a beach dweller and proper Napoleon cat.

So, I started designing furniture for our cats. I say designing for lack of a better word, please don’t think I see myself as anything other than a crazy cat mom!

One of the first things I made was this kitten bed. It is made of three things and took two minutes to make. Juno liked it when she was a kitten but outgrew it.

You will need:

  • IKEA Fniss bin
  • IKEA Stickat stool cover (kids)
  • Weight of some kind

Since this is IKEA we’re talking about, I bet the following is not a coincidence but the stool cover fits the bin perfectly. Seriously. We did not use anything to attach it to the bin.

We just put weights in the bin to keep it from falling over, put the cover over the bin and pushed the cover down slightly.

All in all, a fun project! Would you craft something for your pets or do you prefer to buy?


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17 February 2019