TEAser Tea subscription box october

Wow, is it time for another subscription box already? Time flies and I need to step up my game!

I was thrilled to receive my second Teaser tea box. after last month’s box was such a succes, I had high hopes. And spoiler alert: I was not disappointed.

Like last month, the box included 4 teas, 4 reusable tea bags, and a handwritten note. Because this was my second box, there was no infuser included.

Each tea comes in a black seal bag of 20 grams with basic instructions.
I think the theme was “Movies”?

Like last months, it is a great mix of teas. One rooibos tea, a black tea, a herbal tea and a green tea.

First up: Safari Star
Rooibos tea
2 grams per cup
100 Celcius
5-6 minutes

My first thought was that this smells like Christmas. Warm, citrus-y, comfy. I love Rooibos tea and this one is yummy. The citrus is not overpowering but subtle, it adds some warmth.

Mr. (Earl) Grey
Black tea
2 grams per cup
100 Celcius
3 minutes

Male co-workers’ thoughts: “this tea is mild, like the Mr. Grey we got instead of the one we expected from all the hype”.

I love Earl Grey tea and this one smelled delicious. However, it *is* quite mild. I like my earl Grey with a bit of character and I have a Lady Grey Rose tea by Yeh that I prefer to this one. I may just be spoiled though.

Sleeping Beauty
Herbal Tea
2 grams per cup
100 Celcius
5 minutes

Photo by Teaser

I want to say this smells like fennel? Especially in the bag. I can imagine drinking this before bed, or with an upset stomach. Some of the pieces came through the holes in my infuser so that looked slightly icky. First world problems…

The Lucky One
Green tea
2 grams per cup
90 Celcius
2 minutes

It smells amazing. You may remember from last month that I am green-tea challenged. However! I am happy to announce that this did not turn bitter on me! Is this really a lucky one?

All in all, this second box did not disappoint! Even without the infuser I think it is a great price to try something new and get value for your money. There’s tea for 40 mugs in there, and the price was 9,99. I will definitely keep this subscription for a while, but do let me know if there are any other loose leaf tea boxes!



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