Constellation T shirt DIY tutorial

Do you know that feeling when you want a new shirt, browse webshop after webshop but don’t find anything to your liking and think “I can make something myself and save a lot of money”. You get all the necessities together, make a trial version of the thing, make the real thing, tweak the thing, and then you end up maybe spending even more? But! You unleashed your creativity and you spent some time doing something productive, so I never regret it. Do you?

One of my favourite things to make is galaxy print. Galaxy all the things! From brainstorming about galaxy print I arrived at my star sign- Aquarius. Not the most interesting constellation to look at, so I thought I would combine it with my beloved galaxy print!

– white tee
– textile spray dyes in red, orange, blue and purple
– textile dye in gold, bronze or silver
– small brush
– spray bottle with water/bleach mixture
– clothes hanger
– plastic bag to prevent the dyes from leaking to the back of the shirt
– damp sponge to mop up any oopsies.

The shirt I used wasn’t that cheap but I like the fit and quality. It’s a basic v neck shirt from a convenience store, nothing fancy.

It is best to do this with a washed shirt. Even if you have not worn it yet, there may be an moisture blocking agent on it.
Insert the plastic bag into the shirt, being careful not to leave any parts unprotected.
Taking your spray dyes, pump the first few sprays over the kitchen sink to know the flow and avoid any nasty surprises.
Decide where you want the colour to be. All over? If you want, you can shield the parts you don’t want any colour on with wax paper.
Next, randomly spray the colours on the shirt. This is the first step, so don’t expect to love it right away! As long as it pleases you visually and feel it has potential.

Hang the shirt on the hanger.
I like to hang the shirt on an inside door. The shirts hang at the perfect height for me for this step and it is so easy to clean away any fly-away drops of dye.

For the next step, you don’t need to wait until the dye has dried, but you can. Sometimes it is good to know you can interrupt a crafting project at a certain point. 
I like to use a mix of one part bleach to three parts of water. Shake the bottle well. Again, pump the first few sprays over the kitchen sink. The water will dilute the bleach, and also the dye on the shirt itself, making it more of a cloud instead of drops.

Spray the coloured part of your shirt. Don’t let it drip, but make sure it’s nicely damp. Check back in ten minutes to see if you like the effect or want to add bleach.

Allow the shirt to dry. If you want, you can wash the shirt (make sure you read the instructions for the dye) to see the finished effect of your colours.
This is another moment where you can pause the project.

Google a picture of your favourite constellation. As mentioned, I used a basic version of Aquarius. Use it as an example if you are more than averagely talented. I like to print it as a stencil.

Ezio likes to use it as a toy. 

Trace the constellation on to your shirt and let dry.
I used a white shirt because I wear mainly black and wanted to spice things up a bit. A black shirt however would have an even cooler effect, as long as you spray the bleach on the shirt before you spray the colours.

The finished result up close. I will update with a picture of me wearing the shirt soon!


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