TEAser Tea subscription box

My first Tea subscription box!

While I love a good cup of coffee, I am a great fan of loose leaf tea. I love the variety it comes in these days. I have even imported David’s Tea through Shipito once, and plan to do it again. If only that weren’t so expensive to do! 

Anyway, grab your infusers, grab a cup of hot water and join me in the adventure that is 

TEAser Tea Subscription Box

Subscription box= WIN
Loose leaf tea= WIN
Mailbox size- WIN
Domestic shipping= WIN

So how could this possible go wrong? I had high hopes, and let me tell you- I was not disappointed. Well done, TEAser!

This is a company from Amsterdam. The logo incorporates the weapon of Amsterdam, which I thought was cute.

The box included 4 teas, 4 reusable tea bags, an infuser and a handwritten note. Yes, handwritten! +10 points, right?
Each tea comes in a black seal bag of 20 grams with basic instructions. I love that! It shows that they really know their tea. 

First up: Berry “White”
Fruit tea
2 grams per cup
100 Celcius
8-10 minutes

Photo by Teaser

Teaser says:
This fruity combination is another perfect blend for the sweet tooths. Did you know that some (wild)berries can even be poisonous? But never fear, this caffeine-less blend will amaze your taste buds with its soft and ripe juiciness and clear aftertaste. Enjoy!



 Black tea
2 grams per cup
100 Celcius
3 minutes

Male co-workers’ thoughts: “this smells like pipe tabacco and chocolate and I want to take a bite of it”

This is a black tea, so for this tea it is important to stick to the instructions and not let it steep too long. Not that it isn’t any good if you make it too strong, but it’s amazing if you get it just right.



Teaser says: What if I told you that this rich and sweet black tea is the perfect combination between your morning boost and a fruity adventure? In September, you never really know what weather you’ll get, so this blend is suitable to drink in both cold and hot versions. 


Tom & Cherry
Fruit Tea
2 grams per cup
100 Celcius
8-10 minutes

My favourite. It smells like cherry as soon as you rip the baggie open. The tea is rich in flavour, full of fruits and turns a yummy pink from the hibiscus leaves.

Photo by Teaser

Teaser says: This epic blend is based on the fruitiest fruit tea with real cherry pieces, apple, rose hip and raisins. This forsure will take you on the last magical journey of summer. Enjoy this tea after a good meal, or in the evening since it’s low on caffeine.


Ginger Lemon Pie
Green tea
2 grams per cup
90 Celcius
2 minutes

Male co-worker’s thoughts: “I like gingers and I like hot tea, so this is mine now”
My thoughts? It smells amazing. It is energizing just to smell it.
The leaves open up so much, it’s impressive. Unfortunately, I am green-tea-challenged in the sense that I just cannot get that sweet spot green tea needs. I always get it tasting icky as it cools down. I gave it to my co-worker on the agreement that he would allow me to smell the bag before each cup.

Photo by Teaser

Teaser says:
Never go a day without eating dessert! However, if you happen to forgot to buy a cake at your local bakery do not worry, try our magnificent Ginger Lemon Pie tea. This great blend of ginger, orange peel, lemon peel and sunflower blossom is a healthy alternative of your daily dessert. Sweet and playful without any added caffeine.

All in all, I’m really pleased with this box! I really like the low price/value for money. There’s tea for 40 mugs in there, and the price was 9,99. Add the fun, infuser and surprise, and I think it is a great deal.

Let me know if there are any other loose leaf tea boxes!



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