Halloween: zombie influenza snot balls

Repost October 2018

Ack! I love this treat so much! It’s fun although messy to make, looks creepy and tastes yummy. Remember, if you like this treat you can download the free printable recipe!


1 cup of corn for popping
1/2 cup of butter
8 oz./250 grams Marshmallows
Green food dye (I used Wilton Leaf Green Icing color this time but my favourite is FunCakes Edible FunColours Gel)
Edible black glitter
Any additional flavouring oil or paste if you like. I used LorAnn Oils Butter flavour
Large pan for popping corn Spatula Cupcake dish/pan

Pop the corn in a large kettle on low heat. You may be tempted to turn up the heat but please resist! Make sure you are not keeping the lid on, as the steam will lead to a soggy burned mess instead of fluffy, light popcorn.

Take the kettle of the heat when the popping sounds start to subside. If you are like me, remove any burnt or half-popped kernels from the batch.

Big pan for popping that corn

In a pan, melt approximately two-thirds of the butter. I prefer to add my food colouring at this point. Make sure to check if your colouring is okay with being heated. Add the marshmallows in batches and keep stirring while everything melts together. If needed, add the rest of the butter. When it has become a yummy, gooey, stringy mixture, take it off the heat.

As you can see, the mixture does not stick to the pan where the butter was.

Now comes the messy part! In parts, mix popcorn and marshmallow goo together. Use a fondue pin or large spatula to fold the popcorn into the mixture.

Sooo deliciously sticky and stringy

Using your hands or a tool, make balls of the popcorn/marshmallow mix. Put each ball in a cupcake dish. I make sure my hands are slightly wet and work quickly.

Decorate the clusters with some black glitter and enjoy!

The same recipe made with FunCakes Edible FunColours Gel



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