Magical Iced Butterfly Pea Tea

For Yda, with heaps of gratitude. Hi lovelies, Some time ago I received mail. Actual mail. Not an order I placed online, no or spam. Actual mail. And I had not even been expecting it. You can imagine my curiosity and quite […]

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Shipito review

Do you ever use a forwarding service to order stuff abroad? Or do you have a mule? I have been using Shipito. Website and reviews looked good, app was okay to use, services seemed fine. However, I can with 100% certainty say […]

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TEAser Tea subscription box october

Wow, is it time for another subscription box already? Time flies and I need to step up my game! I was thrilled to receive my second Teaser tea box. after last month’s box was such a succes, I had high hopes. And […]

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TEAser Tea subscription box

While I love a good cup of coffee, I am a great fan of loose leaf tea. I love the variety it comes in these days. I have even imported David’s Tea through Shipito once, and plan to do it again. If […]

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